107 4 Hacks For Content Ideas

Published on: 1st April, 2024

Last week, I shared some marketing mistakes I've made in the past, and it went down so well that I thought I'd extend it to sharing some hacks for content ideas.

Before I give you a sneak peak, if you're a masterminder, check out the training under Content That Converts Browsers To Buyers - I have a hands-on session that'll help you generate loads of content ideas.

Here's the link.

And regardless if you're a masterminder or not, you're welcome to fast-track your content writing through my 100 content prompts (buy once, lifetime access).

Right, let's get to it!

Here are the four hacks I share in today's episode:

  1. Circle around what you want to be known for
  2. Make notes about interesting things happening in your life (we're nosey, we want to know!)
  3. Repurpose - I've talked about it before but in this episode, I share new ideas
  4. Make notes as you get bursts of inspiration (I share ideas around this)

Enjoy :-)



👋🏽 Hello! I'm Sumantha McMahon, a qualified business trainer with over 15 years' experience, and a former teacher turned tutor.

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